Real-time search. Long-term storage.

Connect any camera to bandwidth-efficient smart video search and monitoring.

Tailgating Detection

LEXI Video turns standard 2D cameras into 3D sensors that alert, report, and track unauthorized entries. It detects discrepancies between the count of unlocks and the count of people. Automated email notices help effect the culture change required for improved security. Learn more at

Social Distancing & Mask Detection

LEXI Video automatically detects hotspots so you know where to implement better social distancing tools. LEXI Video also detects whether or not people are wearing masks while measuring distance between people. Learn more at

Unlimited Storage & Cameras

Connect as many cameras as you’d like in one streamlined feed. Your 24x7 video history can be stored for 30 days or more in the cloud—without hogging your bandwidth. Try it with your cameras free and upgrade to LEXI Video plans that match your needs.

Unlimited Guests

Technology that Learns

Using the most advanced machine learning algorithms, LEXI Video is able to identify the most important events that were recorded. LEXI Video also learns what you care about from the way you use it, so it gets smarter over time, continuously improving your daily summaries and alerts.

Unlimited Guests
Unlimited Guests

Unlimited Guests & Secure Sharing

Share your account with the people you trust. Add co-workers, family, and other trusted contacts as Guests, or share selectively—without adding Guests to your account—using fast and simple Query Links.

Personalized & Precise Alerts

Receive search-based video alerts for the events that matter most to you. LEXI Video learns from your feedback to fine tune the alerts that are relevent to you. You can also add zones like "front porch" or exclude specific regions of the scene by using negative zones.

Tamper-proof Cloud Storage

LEXI Video serves all your recorded video from the cloud, so you never have to worry about reliability or speed. And your live streams use the latest technology standards to work across devices and browsers—without opening your network to outside attackers.

Secure & Private

Every connection to LEXI Video uses 256-bit RSA Encryption and Perfect Forward Secrecy, and every video is stored under the AES-256 Advanced Encryption Standard. No one—including LEXI Video engineers—can ever see your feed, unless you explicitly choose to share it.

Easy On Your Network

Unlike cameras that upload video continuously, LEXI Video records in HD only when there is important motion. That means your Internet connection isn’t bogged down when using LEXI Video—even if you’re using multiple cameras. LEXI Video’s interest-based video compression saves money and can also operate in metadata mode at only 30 kbps/camera.

Even 1520p and 4K cameras become bandwidth-efficient with LEXI Video Box